From Hamburg to Capetown by Vespa...


Hamburg - Prague - Vienna - Venice, then to Greece. Now the asian part of our journey starts: Turkey - Syria - Jordania.
With Egypt the adventure of Africa begins. Egypt - the Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenya - Tanzania - Malawia - Zambia - Simbabwe - Botswana - South Africa - Lisotho and finally the goal: Capetown (South Africa). Altogether that makes 19 countries we have traveled through.

The crossing of Africa applies also among offroad- and motorcycle drivers as a challenge. To ride by Vespa was partly not so simply...
But numerous objects of interest accompanied our way. In Damascus we visited huge mosques, close to Cairo we visited the pyramids. After extreme heat in the Sudanese desert the rain time in the north of Ethiopia expected us.
What generally applies: each prospect brings a new view of the things.

Two countries, Malawi and Simbabwe, are missing on the demonstrated route. We finished it before leaving - without expecting to travel through this countries while changing our mind later.



If the Vespa was faster than we are: simply click the button 'Route' again. The distance Hamburg to Capetown was nearly 21,000 kilometers, approx. 17,500 kilometers of it on 'own axle'.

Still another nice anecdote: our tire supplier was so pleased by our journey, that he spontaneously called a tire supplier in the Southern Africa who was offering free tires for the return journey... nicely meant, but back are we flown and the Vespas shipped by a rental container.